Communo provides Marketing Services Firms a competitive advantage. Download our whitepaper to understand the advantages that Communo providers the Agile Agencies, Freelancers and Consultants within it’s network.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Communo?
Communo is a Sharing Economy for Marketing Services Professionals that enables it’s members to share their clients, expert niche talent and business resources.

How does Communo Create a Competitive Advantage?
It comes down to increased confidence, convenience and capacity. Communo’s unique ecosystem allows it’s members to focus their skills on the work they are best at and enjoy the most. They retain their breadth of offering by engaging other members to provider complimentary expertise that help them retain and grow the share of wallets.

Why choose Experts Always?
As customer behaviors continue evolve, Brands will rely on their respective marketing services firms to broaden and deepen their skills to remain relevant. The brands that will win their customers time, attention and money will rely on deeply focused niche expert talent to create the most meaningful experiences. 

How do members increase their profitability?
Communo provides it’s members access to pre-vetted, niche focused marketing service expertise — on demand, as needed. Members scale their operations without scaling their overhead, and reduce the hidden costs and risks associated with outsourcing by choosing Experts Always.

Why would highly commoditized, competitive professional services firms partner?
Marketing Service Providers invest considerable resources into competing over clients and talent. They invest in their office spaces, culture, employee benefits and unpaid pitches so they can get a project ahead of their peers. When competition is removed from equation, resources can be reallocated to more productive endeavours.