Our Mission:


A Manifesto for change

The world is changing. And nowhere more quickly than in the marketing industry:

Clients are tired of big, fat advertising agencies.
They’re tired of footing the bill for the salaries of people that don’t add any real value to their business. They’re tired of the process, the old thinking, the bloated bills, the smoke, the mirrors and, most of all, the end results. However, they are still looking for one-stop, comprehensive solutions to their business problems. And, for many, the thought of dealing with a myriad of disparate, single-specialty help is even scarier than the maintaining the status quo.

Marketing professionals are just as tired.
Tired of precarious employment in faltering agencies, and the lack of freedom that it entails. And tired of freelancing—with its dearth of meaningful engagements, long-term stability, office space, mentorship, and camaraderie.

Enter Communo. An ever-growing army of marketing subject-matter experts. Separately, we specialize in everything from design, to video production, to strategy; while collectively we represent the nation’s quickest, easiest, most cost-effective way for clients to quit their unhealthy addiction to bloated ad agencies.

Communo gives us the ability to service clients looking for cohesive help in multiple disciplines. And we give single-specialty entrepreneurs the long-term stability, feeling of belonging, and freedom, in a way that neither traditional freelancing, nor full-time employment, can ever hope to satisfy. It gives us community, collision events, shared marketing assets, and access to a vast collection of clients. With everything structured to provide the maximum amount of cross-pollination of work between all parties. At our heart, we are a human resources platform for professionals—but our brain is an awesome and unprecedented business development engine.

Communo is the right way forward for clients and marketing professionals, alike. So why go to an agency, or go it alone, when you can join the “experts, always” revolution?

Communo. Building North America’s most trusted marketing braintrust.

“To compete in the future, organizations will need to push talent management beyond the confines of the enterprise wall to include the newextended workforce: a global network of outside contractors, outsourcing partners, vendors, strategic partners and other nontraditional workers. By maximizing the potential of both an extended workforce and permanent employees, companies can gain critical advantages—including agility and access to valuable talent.”

-Rise of the Extended Workforce,
Accenture Strategy