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Most marketing service providers and creative professionals are masters of spin. They are expert storytellers who have perfected tricks to make things seem better than they really are. However, this skill hurts these same professionals when they apply those tricks to their own business health or quality of life. Soloprenuers and small agency owners have too much pride to admit when they need some help, or things aren’t going as well as they hoped. As a result, they try to come across more successful, more satisfied, more in demand, and more profitable than they really are. That desire to manage appearances isn’t unique to marketing service professionals, but it’s more rampant in our industry than others, and far more problematic.

We’ve been lucky enough to spend the past year onboarding new members into Commun-o.com. Amongst them, we have discovered a level of candor and humility that shines a light on some significant challenges. For example, several small agency principals, as well as owners of 1-person shops, have confessed that…

  • They were making more money as an employee than they are now as their own boss
  • They have too many people on their payroll but are too scared to let them go
  • They hate most of their clients and are uninspired by the work they’re doing
  • They are disheartened by their firm’s true valuation, having grossly over-estimated what they thought their firm was worth
  • They are exhausted, working more hours than ever before, with no end in sight
  • They are essentially doing the same job they were five years ago, failing to ever ‘graduate’ to more desirable responsibilities


These conditions arise because most small business owners are better at performing their craft than they are at running their business. They have little training to define a compelling brand positioning, pitch their wares, price and negotiate favorable contracts, create a culture that attracts and retains talented staff or run an efficient business that adheres to acceptable operating ratios. Those skills are most often taught by the school of hard knocks, and unfortunately, very few get an “A”.

Where do you want to be in two years?

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How far, and how fast, you want to progress towards your desired state is your business – but helping you progress is ours.

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