A standard membership provides access to the Communo operating model. As a member you will scale your business, and its offering, through access to just-in-time niche talent on a platform where you can also develop business. Communo members also get access to our events, collaborative culture, and the opportunity to cohabitate in one of our Compounds.



Sell your Services

Help members complete projects in Communo.

Scale your Services

Broaden your expertise through the offering of members.


Vest after 12 months of membership.



Communicate your value through offline and offline networking opportunities.


Leverage co-branding and co-marketing tools to support new business efforts.


Monthly One-on-One Coaching

Gain the knowledge, tools and council you need to optimize your business each month through a custom tailored coaching program. $299/mo

Quarterly Group Coaching

Optimize your operations, Win new Business, and Maximize your Account Potential with the tools and trade secrets alongside a cohort of peers. - $99/mo


Gathering VIP Ticket

Office Space

Office Space

Starting at $25 / day.

Financial Dashboards

$299 / mo.

Phone Plans

$99 / mo.

Group Benefits

Coming Soon.


Is it hard to become a member?

Yes. Communo is a closed community, which means there are a limited number of seats available for each marketing services discipline. Each Membership Application is rigorously vetted by Communo’s leadership team to maintain the highest quality of expert members.

How long is the membership period?

An operating year is 12 months long, starting and ending in October. The length of your membership is determined by the remaining time left in an operating year. Membership must be renewed annually, and may be terminated earlier if there are issues with sub-optimal performance.

Do I need to work in a Compound to be a member?

No, our community and network is not location dependent. However, history has taught us that members that cohabitate with us tend to be more successful. In a Communo Compound, members benefit directly from our collaborative culture, and the success that we are carefully curating.

Can I nominate a member?

Yes, in fact we encourage it! Referrals go into the vetting process for our application. Communo depends on its membership to help curate and expand itself to ensure that we all have access to the most professional professionals. If you wish to nominate someone for membership, help them identify if Communo is right for them by having them complete the self assessment.