Take a deep dive into an alternative operating model for freelancers, consultants and agile agencies that creates an unmatched competitive advantage for their marketing services firm. If this Info Session we will discuss:

Marketing Services Landscape
A Strategic look at the Marketing Services Landscape to understand the emerging forces that are changing the way brands buy marketing services.

Communo Brand Overview
Take a peek behind the curtain at the mission that unites our members, and the movement that we are propelling. We’ll get into the into our value proposition, for members and their clients so you can understand the opportunity that exists.

Communo Members
Communo is not for everyone, and that is okay. We are dedicated to fostering a community to propel a movement and that requires the members with the right attitude and aptitude.

Sharing Economy
Our sharing economy unites our members in a partnership that forever changes the way the operate and compete. We will discuss the paradigm shift, benefits and responsibilities of participating in a sharing economy.

Membership & Logistics
Learn about the benefits that we offer our members and associated costs. Get an inside look at how Communo works and how members participate in the sharing economy together.

Case Studies
Get real life examples of members that have joined Communo and how it has affected their business.