The Magic and Logic of Value Based Pricing

A look at industry financials for advertising and marketing firms shows that profitability has been steadily declining for the past two decades. Some studies show up to a 40% reduction in total agency compensation. The net effect is that agencies are now doing more work for less money. This profit drain is having a profound effect on an agency owner’s desire to continue to play the game.

The solution isn’t just to change how we work, but rather to change how we think about what we really sell, and how we price it.

Cost-based pricing is wrong for a whole host of reasons, as is employee time tracking and selling clients “hours”. Doing so places value on effort instead of outputs or outcomes. It violates what economists have know for more than 200 years – no one buys a product or service, they buy the utility the product or service creates.

Learning Outcomes:

In this session, attendees will come to understand they are in control of their pricing strategies, not clients. They will learn firsthand from the industry’s guru who has coached hundreds of firms to increased profitability. You’ll understand how other marketing service providers got into this mess, and how to get out of it. Tim will expose you to the paradigms, principles and practices that will allow you to be paid what you’re worth, and help you fall back in love with running an agency that is hardwired to make money.

What Other’s are Saying:

In 2017 I created a goal of finding a business mentor. Someone who understands my business and who was a few years down the track so I could learn from them. I’ve always invested in professional development as it has always propelled by business to get to the next level faster with fewer headaches.

When I joined Communo, I found exactly what I was looking for through their coaching program. I’m getting clarity on all of the areas in my business to take it to the next level from being a solopreneur to a marketing team that leverages Communo’s community. My agency has already grown by 60% in 2017 and 2018 is already looking like another big year for my team. I’m incredibly grateful for the business chops that I’m acquiring and looking forward to what’s coming up next!

Mar 16th, 2018 @ 12:00 – 1:30pm MST

Members $199, Everyone Else $399

Tim Williams - The Magic and Logic of Value Based Pricing

About Tim Williams

Tim has worked with hundreds of firms ranging from mid-size independents to multinational networks. Before forming Ignition, Tim led several independent agencies after having worked for global agencies in New York and elsewhere.

As a career marketing professional, Tim’s seminars and keynote presentations have taken him literally around the world, including North and South America, Europe, Asia, India, and Australia.

Based on his expertise in building differentiated professional service brands, Tim has been interviewed and quoted by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, National Public Radio (U.S.), The Guardian, Toronto Globe & Mail, National Post, Huffington Post, Bloomberg News, Advertising Age, Japan’s Nikkei News, and other business publications covering professional services from marketing to accounting, architecture, and law.