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We’re are looking for driven, devoted and dynamic individuals to join the Communo team for one of the available job openings described below. This is your unique opportunity to rail against a status quo that’s as bad for clients as it is for marketing professionals. A chance to give single-specialty entrepreneurs long-term stability, a feeling of belonging, and freedom, in a way that neither traditional freelancing, nor precarious full-time employment, can ever hope to. A chance to be part of the first human resources platform for professionals, that’s also an unprecedented business development engine.


Currently 3 Job Openings:


Product Lead

Build and Manage the technology that helps agencies, consultancies, and solopreneurs: develop business, share human resources and foster a community in Communo’s shared economy? This critical role will be responsible for the technology that makes Communo possible. Apply


Talent Acquisiton Lead

Can you lead the charge and a team to identifying, inducting and indoctrinating the right agencies, consultancies, and solopreneurs to participate in Communo’s shared economy? This critical role is the tip of the spear that will drive change in the marketing services industry globally. Apply


Member Relations Lead

Are you an inspired leader, that wants to help thousands of marketing and creative services agencies, consultancies, and solopreneurs participate in Communo’s shared economy? This critical role will unite our membership and help them find success in our platform. Apply